Future solutions

Future solutions for the construction industry

As a start-up company, Block solutions has rapidly grown into one of the most interesting companies  providing unique and innovative building solutions.

Representing world-class innovation from Finland, our product, an eco-friendly house built of modules, was born in 2017 after a long series of development. Our goal is to revolutionize the construction industry with our building technology and material. The easy-to-build, fast, sustainable and strong buildings enhanced with unique adjustability opens up a brand-new way of building houses.

Block Solutions has a long-term international growth strategy. Our main market areas are emerging markets, but we are also going to expand our business to other regions.

The cost-efficient and sustainable life-cycle cost approach is the foundation for the new era of affordable housing.

Smart product innovation

Future solutions for different needs in the construction industry.

From modules into houses

Profitable licensing-business

Our licensees produce high quality products locally.