Results of Design competition

Blocks on the blocks -Design competition for students 11.03.-17.05.2020

The competition was organized by Block solutions Oy.

The great jury decided to award the three best works. Thank you to all participants!

1.Prize Jyvä

The name Jyvä reflects the simplicity of the shelter, but also on the other hand, it offers a fresh start or an opportunity to grow and develop further. The Jyvä is a compact little house that provides protection against the bumps of life and helps to build an easier life. The Jyvä is intended as an emergency shelter for crisis areas or to improve slum living conditions.

Congratulations Henna Saveljeff and Jere Lähteenmäki

2. Prize Kalikka

The awarded solution takes the Block-modules a step further by creating a simple Kalikka-dimensioning, which can be used to create any kind of space. The Kalikka -dimensioned spaces can be located anywhere within existing industrial areas or sportsarenas, shopping centers or inside any other large sized buildings.

Congratulations Simo Santaniemi and Erkki Vahala

3. Prize Blockinahjo

Blockinahjo is a school designed espcially for Africa. It will adapt to different kinds of needs. The building consists of three different types of modules, which is by combining these units creating a school ranging from 80 pupils up to several hundreds of students.

Congratulations Teemu Rantanen