Greeting from Sanna, CEO Block solutions Oy

Year 2020 was let’s say eventful. We had a very successful first quarter and then you know what struck all of us.
After almost six months of careful planning and R&D we stood up and headed for the future.
The need for decent and affordable homes does not stop for anything and we thought we needed to act instead of react. We packed our bags and regained our efforts in order to fulfill our mission towards environmentally friendly and affordable housing. The warm welcomes we had on our trips in Africa really made us thankful and now at least the darkest clouds have disappeared and the future looks bright.
2021 will be a great year for us and we really hope that you our dear friends can share that with us!
Wishing You a very prosperous New Year 2021 ahead of us!
Yours truly Sanna, CEO of Block solutions Oy