Happy New Year 2022

Our Block solutions team is really looking forward that the year 2022 will begin.

Two consecutive of Covid has been tough on us.
Despite this we are making great progress and we will have the first production facilities outside Finland starting their operations.
Year 2021 has involved a lot of planning for safe travels around the world and the noses have gotten sore of all the PCR-tests carried out during the intensive amount of travelling. Our frequent traveller has already been tested for 73 times during the pandemic.
Our journey will continue in Indonesia, Ghana and Egypt followed by Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Namibia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Saudi-Arabia and we are excited to see newcomers like Australia, Maledives and Fiji joining our network in 2022!
Thank you our partners and so many followers for experiencing our endeavours. We are doing this together with you
Happy New Year and All the Best to You!
Yours truly
Sanna, CEO of Block solutions Oy