"We are building homes for families"

Sustainable and innovative homes

Representing world-class innovation from Finland, our product, an eco-friendly house built of modular blocks, was born in 2017 after a long series of development. In the design, we have been especially focusing on the ease and speed of building as well as adaption to different areas and the flexibility for the needs of the families.

The lightweight, but yet durable blocks enable you to build a house in less than eight hours by two people. The blocks are joined together using a rubber hammer. The erection of the house does not require electricity, so it can also be built in remote regions and crisis areas.

The Blocks have unique features: they are both mobile and flexible. You can easily dismantle and rebuild the house in another location. You can expand or modify the building based on your needs.

Sustainability is the foundation of our business. The carbon footprint is close to zero: We use environmentally friendly biocomposite where the woodfibre originates from a byproduct of the forest industry. As a binder we use mixed recycled polypropylene with traceable origins.

Thanks to the material and the building technology the costs also stay low. Our patent-pending innovation offers solutions for different needs of the construction industry.

Step inside to the modelhouse


The key component for Blocks is a sustainable byproduct of the forest industry: biocomposite mixed with recyclable and polypropylene with traceable origins.


Thanks to the innovative material, production efficiency and building speed, your house is built very cost-efficiently.

Flexible and mobile

Building a Blocks house is easily adjustable: you can add rooms or expand the house according to your family’s needs. You can also dismantle your house and rebuild it somewhere else.